Revel Custom Pickup Shop


Revel Custom Pickups is a one man shop located in Minneapolis, MN. I’m a small, one man business, specializing in hand-wound electric guitar pickups. 

I started Revel Custom Pickups in the fall of 2012 after many years of building pickups for myself and friends as a hobby. A close friend of mine told me I was being foolish not selling them and he helped convinced me to start make a business out of it.

My goal, from the start, was to help people afford the boutique pickup experience at a more affordable cost. As a working musician myself I understand how difficult it can be to have the best. I still maintain this ideal as much as I am able.

In addition I’m hopeful that more pickup builders creating great pickups will help to steer business away from the often questionable Asian markets.

I pride myself on being honest about pickups. I don’t use nonsense tales about special alloys and magical magnets and recently discovered winding patterns to market myself and I won’t use them to get your business.

My pickups are built by hand and only by me. The pickups I offer for sale have been developed over years of ‘fine tuning,’ tested on practice amps and in performance. I consider each one a custom work of art.

And, aside from my usual offerings, I often consult with players to help them create something truly custom: a one of a kind combination of materials and winds.