jazz bass

Jazz Bass


A clear, full, vintage sounding J-Bass pickup.

Scatterwound, 4 or 5 string Jazz bass pickups w/ Alnico V magnets.

RW/RP when ordered as a pair.


4 String Bridge: 8.6k, Neck: 7.8k

5 String Bridge: 10.0k, Neck: 9.2k


Jazz Bass

Vintage Alnico II


Truly Old School. Scatterwound formvar wire. Alnico II magnets. RW/RP when ordered as a pair.

Warmer, less midrange, glassy and complex harmonic overtones.


Bridge:7.5k, Neck: 7.5k

PJ Split Bass Pickup Set

Split PJ Bass


For your PJ bass.

A unique designed, split coil J-Bass pickups. Overwound to match the P-Bass pickups and hum-cancelling.

This combined with either my ’58 or ’65 P-Bass pickups for a tremendous PJ setup.