revel JAZZMASTER pickups


 My Jazzmaster pickups are made to vintage specs. 

A difficult to build and to wind 1/8″ wide coil wound with plain enamel wire. Beautiful vintage tones. 


 Bridge: 8.4k, Neck 7.6k

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The Revel P-90 in a Jazzmaster size.

 The J-90 has more mids and a smoother clean than the Jazzmaster pickups but have that P-90 grunt & bite when driven.


Bridge 9.5k, Neck 8.4k or 8.0k

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Transform your Jazzmaster.

Bright, focused, & jangly with P90 grunt and mids. Bright and clear it overdrives easy. Back off the volume for vintage JM.


Bridge 9.5k, Neck 8.0k

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