revel p-90 pickups

Full customization available. Contact us to order. 

Jazz 90

Alnico III


A 50’s voiced P90 ideal for Jazz and for revealing the tone of a guitar. 

 Extenuated mid range, singing low notes and acoustic like highs.


  Bridge: 7.7k, Neck: 7.1k

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La Melancholia

Alnico II


A percussive, articulate P90 that responds well to pick attack. 

 Chimey and sweet, but able to drive an amp subtlety into crunch. 


 Bridge: 7.5k, Neck 7.0k

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Revel 90 

Alnico V


A Late 50’s voiced P90. Handwound coils and degaussed Alnico V create the unmistakable P90 tone. 


Bridge: 7.8k, Neck: 7.1k

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Bully Breed P-90 

Alnico V


A P-90 for harder rock. Chunky and grinding but vintage voiced and able to produce very sweet and fat cleans. 


Bridge: 9.7k, Neck: 8.5k

Humbucker sized P-90 - The Revel V-90

Revel V-90 

Humbucker Sized P-90


The V90 is as close to the P90 tone in a humbucker sized pickup as it gets. P90 grit, P90 mids, and the lush and fat P90 tones.


Bridge 10.7k, Neck 9.7k