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Design your own pickup. Tell us what you want and what sort of tone you are after and Jesse will use his extensive experience to craft you a one of a kind pickup. The more precise you can be the more precise we can be. Your pickups will be designed around your specification and built using the best materials to meet those specifications.




Our Firebird® humbucker is a uniquely designed but vintage toned pickup. Slightly brighter than a mini-humbucker and with slightly more/longer sustained bass response. A recent customer was trying to decide between a mini-humbucker and a Firebird and said he wanted that "klang." This pickup has the "klang." Klangy and spanky. That's the Revel Firebird. Bridge: 7.2k, Neck: 6.5k $99.95 - $195.95


Mini Humbucker


The Revel Mini Humbucker is my take on the vintage mini’s. These are wound to vintage turn counts using 42 awg plain enamel wire and are built with Alnico 5 magnets.  The bridge I wind slightly hotter for better balance between positions but you can request it with the same output as the neck. An overwound bridge makes the mini humbucker fatter & more powerful accentuating the coveted tonal qualities of the mini without compromising them.

The mini humbucker is brighter than the conventional humbucker and the bridge is both brighter and tighter.

Bridge: 7.2k, Middle: 6.7k, Neck: 6.5k

$89.95 - $175.99


I wind these like the originals so both the bridge and the neck have the same number of winds and, so, the same "output." But I will under-wind the neck upon request to help balance it with the bridge. Additionally I offer a separate, specific under-wound neck pickup, that pairs oh-so-nicely with lower output bridge pickups or when you need a 'Vintage '72' humbucker but want a little more sweetness. Bridge & Neck: 10.7k, Underwound Neck for Set: 9.5k Under-wound Neck: 8.8k $119.95 - $229.95


Not to be confused with a Filtertron in humbucker sized clothing the Non'Tron is, well, not a Filtertron. It is it's own thing and a unique design among humbuckers. But it absolutely looks like a PAF sized 'Tron. What it is is a bright, smooth, and chewy humbucker. It has some of the bite of a 'Tron and some of the jangle, but it also has harmonic complexities unique to itself. The bridge has a bark reminiscent of a single coil and both positions have an open texture. Covers are available in nickel or chrome and are engraved in-house. As with all of our pickups these are built to order. Please inquire about turn around times.


The Revel Retro is a pure P.A.F. humbucker built to vintage, 50's, specs. These are wound on our custom built winder, nicknamed "Kalamazoo," which is modeled after Gibson's winders of old. The knowledge of many years spent repairing original P.A.F.'s goes into each pickup and into the choice of every component. Wound with the finest plain enamel insulated 42awg wire, the tension and TPL are true. The baseplate, cover, screws, slugs and keeper bar alloys have been examined and reproduced. The bobbins are cloned from original butyrate bobbins. Vintage cloned Alnico 2 sand cast magnets, custom milled maple spacers cut in house, vintage correct braided two-conductor wire and threaded baseplates make the Revel Retro P.A.F., pound for pound, the best vintage correct humbucker you can buy.

Neck: 7.5, Bridge: 8.0k


Revel Signature Series humbuckers are made for the player on a budget who needs the best.


Revel V-90 Humbucker Size P-90

A P90 for your humbucker routed guitars! The V-90 is as close to the P-90 tone in a humbucker sized pickup as it gets. Chose from 4 different builds or have yours custom built to custom specs.  All V-90's are handwound. The original V-90 is constructed using Alnico II magnets. Want it a little extra bright and with a little extra spank? I'll construct the V-90 using one Alnico V and one Alnico II. Custom builds can utilize Alnico II, III, IV and V for anything from a beautiful, open, vintage V-90 to a frequency balanced V-90. Because of the shape of the two pickups, there’s always going to be some difference. The V90 bobbin is wide and short like an original P90 and I wind them with a combination of 42 and 43 awg for P90 grit, P90 mids, and the lush and fat P90 tones. $79.95 - $149.95


Revel 'Victor Series' humbuckers are the finest vintage humbuckers available. Chose from 3 distinct sets of pickups with calibrated 'output' or mix & match to meet your needs. The 'Low Wind' set is authentically vintage, clear, articulate and airy. The 'Victor' is classic P.A.F. tones with balanced frequency response and is ideal for styles that reach from jazz to rock and metal. The 'High Wind' set is our hottest vintage styled and toned humbucker we offer and is catered to those who always prefer a little hair in their tone and a pronounced bottom end.

'Low Wind' Neck 7.1k, Bridge 7.9k

'Victor' Neck 7.5k, Bridge 8.1k

'High Wind' Neck 8.4k, Birdge 9.5k

$89.95 - $179.95




The Revel'Tron is our take on the vintage Filtertron. Low wound pickups that chime and jangle. Built with USA made traditional parts and offered in traditional or humbucker mounting styles. These come with custom, in-house engraved, covers. We can also offer traditional, U.S. PAT. covers, on a limited basis. As with all of our pickups these are built to order. Please inquire about turn around times. There are two mounting options. 1. Vintage style with the longer baseplate. 2. Humbucker style with a shorter baseplate. If you chose this option you need to also order the adapter plate/s, one per pickup. Bridge: 4.8k, Neck 4.2k $109.95 - $219.00


Saint Peter


St. Pete’s humbucker is that classic P.A.F. with a little extra something. Asymmetrical coils and Alnico II magnets in both the bridge and neck  gives a dynamic tone that responds well to pick attack.  Tight bottom, overtones, balanced mids and an airy top end.  Bridge 8.4k, Neck 7.3k