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These are Vintage ’72 Wide Range Humbuckers built to fit Jazzmaster guitars. These use the same vintage correct bobbins and threaded magnet/Alnico combination as the Vinage ’72s but mounted to a Jazzmaster sized base. The threaded pole pieces have 54mm spacing in the neck and bridge and are fully adjustable. Read all about the Revel Vintage ’72 pickups here.  These mount the same as stock Jazzmaster pickups and require nothing special nor any modifications. Like the stock Vintage ’72 both the neck and the bridge are wound with equal number of turns. If you want the neck under-wound for better balance between positions please let me know. The “underwound Neck” checkbox is for an 8.8k wind to go with stock JM pickups or to retain more Jazzmaster qualities. Bridge & Neck: 10.7k Underwound Neck: 8.8k


The Revel J-90 combines the very narrow coil of a vintage Jazzmaster pickup with the adjustable poles and dual magnets of a P-90. Wound with plain enamel wire, the bridge uses a combination of rough cast Alnico V and Alnico II while the neck uses Alnico V. It’s a very unique tone. They are focused and exhibit good string separation. They are jangly but with P90 grit and mids. They are bright and clear, overdrive easy, and have solid bottom end. If you're looking for a pickup that will help your Jazzmaster and your tone stand apart, look no further. Bridge 9.5k, Neck 8.0k $79.95 - $149.95


Jazzmaster P-90


A true P-90 for your Jazzmaster.

Revel J-90

A late 50’s voiced P90. Handwound coils and degaussed Alnico V create the unmistakable P90 tone.  Bridge: 7.8k, Neck: 7.1k

Jazz 90

Alnico III. Earlier 50’s voiced P90 ideal for Jazz and for revealing the tone of a guitar. Extenuated mid range, singing low notes and acoustic like highs. Bridge: 7.7k, Neck: 7.1k

La Melancholia

Alnico II. A percussive, articulate P90 that responds well to pick attack. Chimey and sweet, but able to drive an amp subtlety into crunch. Bridge: 7.5k, Neck 7.0k.

Bully Breed J-90

Alnico V. A P-90 for harder rock. Chunky and grinding but vintage voiced and able to produce very sweet and fat cleans. Bridge: 9.7k, Neck: 8.5k or 8.0k


Revel Jazzmaster pickups are made to vintage specs.  Re-issue and recreation Jazzmaster pickups often have a much taller coil than vintage Jazzmaster pickups. Or the magnets are too long or too strong. Or both and they're wound on a machine. You can easily hear the difference. The re-issues and the poorer recreations sound like a Strat pickup or like something, well, bad. But they don't sound like a JM pickup. My pickups use the correct, 1/8" tall, coil dimension. They're a little tough to assemble, plainly tricky to wind, but all the effort pays off in vintage Jazzmaster tone. Bridge: 8.4k, Neck 7.6k $69.96 - $129.9