Steel Pole Mojo

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The Mojo's are a unique and versatile combination of vintage Strat and P-90 pickups. They are, very literally (and usually surprisingly), truly P90’ish in character. I say they're 50/50 but the tone is in the ear of the beholder. The tone is also in the amp and the style of the player. The Mojo's are made to cover a wider variety of tone-scapes. They can be sweet and chimey, they can quack in the 2 & 4, or they can be raunchy and grinding like a P-90. Set them low for a little of both or raise them up to warm them up and make them really growl. The screws are fully adjustable for the best of all worlds in string balance. A single Mojo is an excellent choice for a bridge pickup to cure the problem of an icy bridge tone. Likewise a single Mojo can be used in the middle position to give you several additional tonal options on a five-way switch or use one in the neck if you need something rowdy for lead or rhythm.

Like P-90's these pickups have a mid accentuation.

Bridge: 10k, Middle & Neck 8k