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The Angel Hair Strat pickups are a unique addition to Strat pickups. They are built with one special, reproduction, Alnico V magnet, not poles like a traditional Strat pickup. The magnet has a much lower guass than expected which means less string pull and is similar in tonal quality to the ferrite magnets used in gold foil pickups. Thus the gold foil covers. These are handwound with a high scatter using 44awg wire. The tone is bright, sweet and delicate and the quack is pronounced. These are also ideal pickups for fuzz and overdrive.


The Mojo's are a unique and versatile combination of vintage Strat and P-90 pickups. They are, very literally (and usually surprisingly), truly P90’ish in character. I say they're 50/50 but the tone is in the ear of the beholder. The tone is also in the amp and the style of the player. The Mojo's are made to cover a wider variety of tone-scapes. They can be sweet and chimey, they can quack in the 2 & 4, or they can be raunchy and grinding like a P-90. Set them low for a little of both or raise them up to warm them up and make them really growl. The screws are fully adjustable for the best of all worlds in string balance. A single Mojo is an excellent choice for a bridge pickup to cure the problem of an icy bridge tone. Likewise a single Mojo can be used in the middle position to give you several additional tonal options on a five-way switch or use one in the neck if you need something rowdy for lead or rhythm.

Like P-90's these pickups have a mid accentuation.

Bridge: 10k, Middle & Neck 8k


Revel Strato® replacement pickup singles & sets. All of my Strato pickups are handwound and scatterwound, hand-wired, hand-magnetised to specific guass levels, and wax potted. Strato pickups come with flat poles by default which is better suited for modern necks and modern strings. Staggered poles by request. Includes covers, mounting screws and tubing. Select your options below.

Custom Pickups:
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The Big Six


Revel ‘Big Six’   The Big Six is a humbucker sized true single coil pickup. It is, very simply, a Strat coil in custom clothing, wound to customer specs. It is the best qualities of a handwound single coil in a custom, humbucker package. Work with me to chose your magnet and your wind. The [...]


Early 50's inspired Alnico III Strat pickups. The V-50's are a sweet, delicate, chimey and glassy set of early 50's inspired Strat pickups. Vintage tone with great sustain and dynamics. Alnico III. Formvar wire. Handwound, A beautiful set of pickups for any Strat. Bridge: 6.4k, Neck and Middle: 5.6k

$45.95 - $129.95


Hotter in output and warmer in tone. The Revel Victor Strat pickups are more Gibson than Fender. These are noticeably hotter output than other Strat pickups and will break up your amp faster. Less quack and more bark. If you need a modern pickup for strong rhythm or lead, give these a try. Alnico V, 42 awg plain enamel wire & vintage pushback leads.

Bridge 7.6k, Middle 7k, Neck 6.7k


The Scoundrels are a hotter vintage set with an overwound bridge to tame the highs and the ice-pick. These are warm with a fat bottom and big strat tone. Alnico II magnets and handwound with 42 awg plain enamel wire, these exhibit that tone that can only be had by hand winding. Vintage push back leads.

Bridge: 7.6k, Middle & Neck: 6.5k


Bright and punchy with hollow mids and vintage output. Grey bottom pickups with flat (or staggered by request) Alnico V magnets. RW/RP or NOT, by request, per the originals.

Bridge 6.2k, Middle 5.8k, Neck 5.8k

$45.95 - $129.95


The Turks


Alnico II and heavy formvar wire. Vintage output, beautiful sustain, warm lows and soft highs. Hand/scatterwound the Turks have sweet, chimey, percussive tones with gentler highs and lows and excellent sustain. Great note separation and pick attack. Great pickups for everything from finger-style to traditional country to classic rock.

Bridge 6.3k, Neck & Middle 5.8k