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You want something truly unique and very versatile. The Mojo's are that.


Revel Strato® replacement pickup singles & sets. All of my Strato pickups are handwound and scatterwound, hand-wired, hand-magnetised to specific guass levels, and wax potted. Strato pickups come with flat poles by default which is better suited for modern necks and modern strings. Staggered poles by request. Includes covers, mounting screws and tubing. Select your options below.

Custom Pickups:
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The Big Six


Revel ‘Big Six’   The Big Six is a humbucker sized true single coil pickup. It is, very simply, a Strat coil in custom clothing, wound to customer specs. It is the best qualities of a handwound single coil in a custom, humbucker package. Work with me to chose your magnet and your wind. The [...]


Early 50's inspired Alnico III Strat pickups.


Hotter in output and warmer in tone. The Revel Victor is more Gibson than Fender.


The Scoundrels are a hotter vintage set with an overwound bridge to tame the highs and the ice-pick.


Bright and punchy with hollow mids and vintage output.


The Turks


Vintage output, beautiful sustain, warm lows and soft highs.

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