Pickup Repairs & Pickup Rewinds

Base Price: $40 Per Coil Poly/$50 Per Coil Plain Enamel/Heavy Formvar

Repairing a pickup is sometimes possible and sometimes not. I can examine your pickup and let you know what may or may not be wrong and what can and can’t be done. I won’t jerk you around. If it’s something I can’t do, I’ll tell you where to take it.

A rewind will generally consist of removing the coil or coils and rewinding to vintage specs with appropriate wire.

The base cost is $40. Vintage pickups, difficult assemblies, new leads, covers, baseplates, potting, and additional services all cost slightly more or less depending on what you need.


“My rewound vintage Gibson P-90 sounds fat and fantastic.

Overall tone is sweet and just the right hotness. Hotter than the original and lesser than the Lollar I had in its place. Perfect. My ’65 Gibson ES-125 sounds just like it should.”

Mike Munson Winona, MN

Pickup Potting

Price: $20

Yes, I can re-pot your pickup! Re-potting is $40 for the first pickup and $5 each additional. I use parafin wax and can use a mixture of parafin and bees wax upon request.